Tungsten Carbide Powder Preparation Using Violet Tungsten oxide

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound containing equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. In the tungsten carbide powder, carbon atoms will embed in the interstice of tungsten metal lattice, which will not destroy the lattice of original metal and will form interstitial solid solution. Therefore, it can be also called interstitial compound or insertion compound, which is mainly used in producing cemented carbide due to its high hardness. As tungsten carbide powder has large application range, it has given rise to the waves of researching the preparation of tungsten carbide powder. Violet tungsten oxide can be used in producing tungsten carbide powder, this is because it has single-crystal structure, abundant crack as well as its interior is composed by loose needle-like or rod like particles, which will be beneficial for making tungsten carbide powder that has superior quality. In the preparation of tungsten carbide powder by violet tungsten oxide, violet tungsten oxide is used as the raw material, which will be reduced by hydrogen in the four tube furnace according to the traditional technology, in which the raw material load will be 600g, the pushing speed will be 20min/load and the hydrogen flow will be 30.0m3/h. Under fully unified technology, the reduction process of various oxides will be carried out in the same furnace.

The tungsten powders that have been generated in the furnace will be respectively fit with carbon under same carbon content, which will be mixed evenly and will be carbonized in the same carbide furnace under the carbonization temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius to 1400 degrees Celsius, thus the tungsten carbide powder can be obtained. Tungsten carbide powder that is produced by violet tungsten oxide will have small and even particle size as well as narrow particle distribution, besides, it has no structural agglomerate, which can be made into superfine cemented carbide that has high strength and high hardness.

tungsten carbide powder photo

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