How to Make Rare Earth Terbium Zinc Tungstate More Dazzling

Rare earth ions are rich in energy levels, their luminescence wavelengths can change from ultraviolet to infrared. They are often used as luminescent centers in luminescent materials.

Metal tungstate is a kind of important inorganic functional materials, including tungsten ore stone structure of zinc tungstate (ZnWO4) is a self luminous material type. WO42- itself has self excitation fluorescence, emits blue green light under ultraviolet irradiation, and can effectively transfer energy to rare earth ions. Therefore, it is widely concerned that in the chemical industry, the self luminescent tungstate doped rare earth element is the most effective LED light source acquisition scheme to change its fluorescence color.

rare earth terbium zinc tungstate fluorescence image

At present, the synthesis methods of rare earth doped ZnWO4 are sol gel method, combustion method, hydrothermal method and microemulsion method. Hydrothermal synthesis is a commonly used method for the synthesis of green phosphors ZnWO4:Tb3+. In the process of hydrothermal synthesis of  ZnWO4:Tb3+ phosphor, adding proper surfactant can greatly affect the structure and luminescent properties of  ZnWO4:Tb3+ phosphor.

In the rare earth doped ZnWO4 system, due to the unequal price of trivalent rare earth ions Tb3+ and Zn2+, Na+ is usually introduced into the synthesized ZnWO4:Tb3+as a charge compensation to enhance the luminescence intensity of the rare earth. In addition, some scholars have studied the effect of surfactants on the luminescence of rare earth zinc tungstate, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) and polyethyleneglycol 2000 (PEG-2000) were tested for surface active additives, concluded as follow:

Zinc rare earth terbium tungstate added with different surfactants had almost no effect on the position of the excitation spectrum, but had an influence on the emission intensity. The use of PEG-2000 as a surfactant is most effective for enhancing the luminescence intensity of phosphors. The lifetime of  ZnWO4:Tb3+ phosphors synthesized by using PVP as surfactant is longer than that of PEG-2000 and CTAB as surfactants. Combined with luminescence intensity and fluorescence lifetime, PVP is the most suitable surface additive for rare earth terbium zinc tungstate.

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