Tungsten Powder Specific Surface Area

The specific surface area is the total area of the unit mass material, the unit is m2 / g. Generally refers to a specific surface area of a solid material, such as powders, fibers, particles, and other bulk materials.

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It is difficult to measure the surface area of powder or porous material. They not only have irregular outer surface, but also complex inner surface. They have large specific surface area and large activity, so they have strong adsorption ability.

Tungsten powder specific surface area is usually 0.01m2/g (coarse tungsten powder) to 12m2/g (fine tungsten powder), sintering active surface area is a measure of tungsten powder (solid state sintering), dissolution characteristics (liquid phase sintering) and reaction ability in the carbonization process and gas solid material between the main index.

According to the specific surface area value, the average particle size of tungsten powder can be calculated, and the reduction effect of tungsten powder has been judged. It is worth mentioning that, the finer the size of tungsten powder, the powder surface is often not "smooth", but "rough", and even a certain degree of micropores, this is different from what we expected, so the specific surface area of ultrafine tungsten powder will be 2-4 times larger.

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The large specific surface area of ultrafine tungsten powder means that the high specific surface energy is stored in the developed surface, therefore, ultrafine tungsten powder is easy to oxidize when exposed to air and is prone to spontaneous combustion when subjected to friction or mechanical vibration.

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