How To Purify Water by Nano Tungsten Trioxide

With the rapid development of industry, while bringing great economic benefits, the environmental pollution caused by the waste water is also becoming more and more serious.

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Organic industrial wastewater with high concentration and low biodegradability, deep color, complex composition, containing oil, acids, amines, demulsifier and other pollutants, organic wastewater is difficult to degrade, bring unpredictable effects and harm to the ecological system.

The photocatalytic purification of organic compounds in water is a new technology, which uses the sun to degrade organic matter, energy saving and no pollution to environment, has great application prospect.

Nano tungsten trioxide is a high quality n-type semiconductor material, as photocatalyst, n-type semiconductor has many kinds, such as TiO2, ZnO, Fe2O3, CdS and WO3. The results show that WO3 has good photocatalytic stability and is an ideal catalyst for photocatalytic degradation of pollutants in water.

In the wastewater treatment, in 1985, some scholars first reported to WO3 as a photocatalyst treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater experiments, the results show that: When the visible light is irradiated onto the semiconductor powder suspended in the aqueous solution, the dye is decomposed into CO2, H2O, N2, etc., thereby reducing COD and chroma. In order to improve the COD and chroma removal rate of printing and dyeing wastewater, there are three kinds of hollow spherical WO3H2O prepared by using citric acid as structural adjusting agent, there are scholars using citric acid as a structural regulator to prepare three-dimensional hollow spherical WO3H2O. When applied to photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes, visible light irradiation, can be decomposed 94.8% RHB dye molecules.

Nano tungsten trioxide have several key factors photocatalys: (1) Nanostructured materials provide the appropriate surface area to volume ratio; (2) The band gap energy of the lower valence band can be effectively utilized in the visible region of the solar light; (3) The appropriate band gap structure can make the sample more favorable to the redox reaction; (4) The stability of the material, so as to endure the harsh operating environment, therefore, in recent years, more and more researches have been done on the degradation of organic pollutants by WO3 photocatalytic oxidation at home and abroad.

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