Ultra Coarse Tungsten Powder Preparation

With the development of alloy industry, there is also a polarizing demand for tungsten powder.

Not only has ultrafine tungsten powder, but also has ultra coarse tungsten powder. In industrial production, ultrafine tungsten powder is widely used, and the preparation of ultrafine tungsten powder is complicated. Therefore, it has been studied more. However, ultra coarse tungsten powder also has a specific use. 

Ultra coarse tungsten powder is a coarser tungsten powder with a particle size greater than 20 microns. It has the advantages of good strength and toughness. It is widely used in the field of oil drilling, mining tools, stamping die, hard material etc. How to prepare ultra coarse tungsten? Just reverse the thinking of preparing ultrafine tungsten powder.

The traditional scheme of preparing ultra coarse tungsten powder is based on the preparation of ultrafine tungsten powder as negative teaching material. 1. Try to improve fisher particle size of tungsten raw material tungsten trioxide, which means use yellow tungsten oxide or blue tungsten oxide, prevent the purple tungsten oxide. 2. Using low hydrogen flow, large boat load, slow pushing speed, high temperature reduction to produce ultra coarse tungsten powder. 3. Using high temperature, slow pushing production to produce block ultra coarse tungsten carbide powder, volatilizing organic solvents. 4. Ultra coarse tungsten carbide powder was prepared by breaking the alloy ball.

The traditional mode of production is relatively complicated, difficult to solve two major problems. The large-scale production of ultra coarse tungsten carbide is restricted. 1. In the production process of the tungsten powder, charge capacity is large, the size of tungsten powder between surface and bottom is different, crystalline grain uniformity is poor, it affects alloy function. Sometimes even grading and screening methods are needed to obtain ultra coarse tungsten carbide powder. It leads to low yield and high energy consumption. Usually obtain tungsten carbide powder of fisher particle size around 20um. 2. In the process of carbon blending, the uniformity of ultra coarse tungsten powder mixed with carbon black is poor. Resulting in segregation during carbonization, the phenomenon of black heart and interlayer appeared after the powder carbonization. Carbon black is not completely permeable, it leads to low combined carbon content and high free carbon content, re-carbonization is required once or for many times. it has low efficiency and high energy consumption. In several broken ball-milling it reduces ultra coarse tungsten carbide fisher particle size, not up to standard for ultra coarse tungsten carbide powder.

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