Nano Tungsten Trioxide

Nano tungsten trioxide is a high quality n-type semiconductor material, with excellent gas sensitivity to H2S, NH3, H2O3 and other gases are sensitive.

In modern industry is often used to produce gas sensors and electrochromic device. A gas sensor is a device that converts the type of gas and its associated information into electrical signals so that it can detect, monitor, and alarm. Tungsten trioxide (WO3) is a n-type semiconductor with wide band gap, its excellent sensitivity and selectivity makes it becomes the main material of the sensor elements. In the field of coal, petroleum, chemical, power and other production, using tungsten trioxide as a component of the sensor can be timely and accurate to flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful gas detection and automatic control.

Tungsten trioxide sensor was first used to detect H2S and H2, Japanese scholars in 1992 for the first time reported WO3 sintered coating on the very low concentration of NOX has a good selectivity, other scholars have gradually expanded the market by adding precious metals (Pd, Pt, Au) to tungsten trioxide to give them a higher sensitivity and selectivity for nanometer tungsten trioxide sensors.

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In recent years, through a large number of domestic and foreign researchers work together to improve the WO3-based gas-sensitive materials, gas sensitivity, selectivity, reduce the working temperature as well as different doping and improvement processes has made varying degrees of progress.

At present, the main components of nano tungsten oxide on gas sensing mainly has the following applications:

1. For leakage of the combustible gas alarm and humidity sensor, the measured gas is mainly CO, CH4, H2, NH3, NO2, SO2 etc. it is mainly used in environmental monitoring.

2. Used to detect natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and urban gas and other civilian gas leakage, gas automatic control of microwave cooking food, it can also detect unpleasant gases from some buildings and other public places.

3. Used to detect the petrochemical industry in the carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and other highly toxic gases; detection of power transformer oil during the process of deterioration of hydrogen; detection of meat and other volatile food freshness.

4. It can also detect the concentration of alcohol in the breath of drivers during road traffic, prevent drunk driving and reduce traffic accidents.

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