Super Wave Absorbing Material—Nanometer Tungsten Disulfide/Fullerene

Microwave absorbing material is an important stealth form in stealth technology.

High temperature absorbing composites with new wave absorbing materials should be a kind of structure and function integrated material, which can replace metal parts and realize dual functions of bearing and stealth.

Fullerene is characterized by cage-like structure, hollow in the middle, and the most common fullerene is C60. Because of the particularity of inorganic fullerene hollow cage-like structure, it is found that the inorganic fullerene’s structure has excellent resistance to compression and wave absorption. Its maximum compressive resistance is up to 25Gpa, which is the most hard molecular cage structure found recently, and its compressive resistance performance is better than other carbon cage like structures. Even when it under lower pressure, the collapse or transformation to other diamond structures will occur. Therefore, when inorganic fullerene structure is used as wave absorbing material, it can withstand more hard load conditions, such as high temperature oxidation. 

F35 absorbing materials image

The reason why nano tungsten disulfide / fullerene has excellent absorbing electromagnetic wave property lies in that: (1) nano tungsten disulfide / fullerene particles have small size and large specific surface area, the quantum size effect causes the splitting of the electronic energy levels, and the splitting energy levels are in the energy range corresponding to the microwave, which creates a new absorbing channel for the materials. (2) The atomic and electronic properties of tungsten disulfide / fullerene increase the efficiency of electromagnetic energy conversion to thermal energy, thus increasing the absorption properties of electromagnetic wave. (3) nano tungsten disulfide / fullerene has higher coercive force, it can cause large hysteresis loss, and it is conducive to the absorption of radar waves and other heat energy conversion and consumption.

In summary, inorganic fullerene/ nano tungsten disulfide is an excellent microwave absorbing material. It is not enough to use stealth materials only against single frequency bands. Only a wide spectrum stealth material that can resist a variety of detection instruments can meet the needs of military equipment stealth. Therefore, the stealth material in the military field is a more complex material system engineering.

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