Solid Phase Chemical Method Composing Nano Tungsten Oxide

Nano tungsten oxide is considered to be one of the most promising new oxides gas sensing materials that detects nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide, and acetone and other harmful gases.

The preparation methods of nano tungsten oxide mainly include hydrothermal method, sputtering method, sol gel method and gas phase deposition method. Compared with other synthetic methods, as a new method for composing nano-materials, low heating solid phase chemical reaction has the characteristics of simple operation, friendly environment and mild conditions. 

Mix sodium tungstate and sodium sulfate for 30min, the sample was placed in a cone bottle and placed for 24h to obtain the precursor. Then put the precursor calcined at 600°C in the muffle furnace 2h, nano tungsten carbide was obtained. 

nano tungsten oxide image

Based on the product of nano tungsten carbide test, the material in the lower working temperature of low concentration acetone gas showed the performance of fast response, high selectivity and high sensitivity. This material can be used for the detection of early diabetes, in addition, under the UV light and simulated sunlight conditions it has better performance for the degradation of methylene blue solution, the degradation efficiency of not less than 70%, these excellent properties concern with nano tungsten carbide smaller particle size and surface activity. 

Solid phase chemical synthesis of nano tungsten carbide can be obtained with high purity, good crystallinity and particle size of tungsten oxide nanoparticles, this method overcomes some traditional experimental hard conditions, the tedious experiment process and long reaction time, it is a simple and efficient, new green composing method.

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