RF Sputtering Method Preparing Nanometer Tungsten Disulfide Membrane

Tungsten disulfide is an excellent solid lubricant material, it has high application value in the field of super solid lubrication.

Tungsten disulfide membrane have layered structure, it has lower hardness and better stability under high temperature, it is suitable to be used as a solid lubricant for friction parts in special environment. There are three main methods for preparing tungsten disulfide membrane which include RF sputtering method, reactive magnetron sputtering method, chemical deposition method.

The method of RF sputtering crystal growth is the method of using RF sputtering to make the components of the crystal material gasified and then recrystallized to grow the crystal. RF sputtering is a sputtering deposition method suitable for all kinds of metal and nonmetal materials, the frequency range is 5~30MHz, the frequency of 13.56MHz is commonly used internationally. It is mainly used to prepare thin membranes and also to prepare small size crystals.

RF sputtering method image

WS2 powder with 99.99% purity was prepared by cold pressing to form WS2 target, the surface of the stainless steel substrate is mechanically polished, and the surface is cleaned by ultrasonic wave. The background vacuum is 3 x 10-3Pa, fill in argon to the working pressure 1Pa, sputtering power 30W, deposition time for 1hour, depositing WS2 on a substrate to form a thin membrane.

The surface of tungsten sulfide membrane prepared by RF sputtering method is smooth, no voids and gaps were observed under SEM, it has high density and good quality, the surface morphology of the samples with different working pressure, different sputtering power and deposition time is similar, and no obvious changes.

Compared with other sputtering methods, RF sputtering method has a wide range of target materials, better advantages of high deposition rate, the RF power can be effectively input by adjusting the discharge impedance and the power impedance matching.

The membrane obtained by this method are generally amorphous. But by strictly controlling the sputtering pressure, power and other technological parameters, the sputtering method is still an important method for the preparation of the laboratory or the production of small workpieces.

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