Nano Tungsten Oxide for Semiconductor Memory

The reason why semiconductor memory chooses nano tungsten oxide material to produce storage media is that it is a very important semiconductor material with good electrochemical performance, and its resistance value can undergo reversible transformation under the action of an electric field. Next, let's take a look at the manufacturing method of a storage device based on a tungsten oxide storage element.

Manufacturing method (1)

The storage device includes a plug that extends upward from the top surface of the substrate through a dielectric layer. A bottom electrode, the outer surface of the bottom electrode has tungsten, the bottom electrode extends upward from the top surface of the plug. An insulating material, the insulating material surrounds the bottom electrode is in contact with tungsten on the outer surface of the bottom electrode. The storage element is located on the upper surface of the bottom electrode, the storage element includes a tungsten oxide compound, and the storage element can be programmed to at least two resistance states. And the top electrode, the top electrode overlay and contact the storage element. In addition, the plug has a first lateral dimension, the bottom electrode has a lateral dimension, the lateral dimension is parallel to the first lateral dimension of the plug, and the lateral dimension is smaller than the first lateral dimension of the plug.

Manufacturing method (2)

The tungsten oxide storage part is formed using a non-critical mask tungsten oxide material, or in some embodiments, it may be formed without any mask. The memory device disclosed herein includes a bottom electrode and a memory element, and the memory element is located on the bottom electrode. The memory element includes a tungsten oxide compound and has more than two resistance states; the upper electrode includes a barrier material located on the memory element, and the purpose of the barrier material is to prevent metal ions from moving from the upper electrode into the memory.

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Compared with traditional semiconductor storage devices, tungsten oxide storage devices have better response performance.



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