Nano Cesium Tungsten Bronze Preparation by Solvothermal Method

Cesium tungsten bronze (CsxWO3) is synthesized by solid phase method or liquid phase method with cesium carbonate and sodium tungstate as raw materials.

Therefore, cesium tungsten bronze is also called cesium tungstate. Cesium tungsten bronze CsxWO3 has the function of oxygen compounds in eight face special structure, with low resistivity and low temperature superconducting propertiesaterials. It mainly used to make high-temperature insulation coating, building glass, Low-E glass, automobile insulation film, plant planting shed, LCD screen and so on.

Synthetic of cesium tungsten bronze can be obtained by solid phase method and liquid phase method. In the earlier period, most of cesium tungsten bronze was prepared by solid phase synthesis, such as vapor phase reduction and hydrogen reduction, but the synthesis of solid phase is difficult and the cost is too high. Therefore, with the increasing attention of cesium tungsten bronze, more and more scholars began to study the liquid phase preparation of cesium tungsten bronze and find a way to reduce the manufacturing cost.

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Scholars dissolved 400kg sorbitol in a jacketed reactor and dissolved it into tungstate and cesium sulfate, the ratio of the mass ratio of tungstic acid to cesium sulfate is 1 : 0.33, the quality of sorbitol is 3 times the total mass of tungstic acid and cesium sulfate, after high speed stirring 30 min, pump into homogeneous machine to carry on the cycle homogenization, after 60 min, the product is pumped into the high temperature reactor which has been heated to 150 °C, and the high pressure reactor speed is set to 180 r/min. When the above material is completely transferred to the autoclave, turn off the valve of the high-pressure reactor, gradually increase the temperature of the reactor to 350 degrees, and keep 600 min for 150 degrees, release the reaction product, adding deionized water to the filter press, washing with deionized water and absolute ethanol until the sulfate content is below 100 mg/kg, and the content of ethanol is more than 80%, the filter cake is placed in a vacuum oven for drying, and then mechanical pulverization and air flow grinding are carried out to obtain the target product - dark blue cesium tungsten bronze nanometer powder.

The cesium tungsten bronze nano-slurry was added to the acrylic emulsion to coat the film, and the functional film with excellent transparent insulation performance was obtained. The results show that the nanometer tungsten bronze powder with good quality can be prepared by solvothermal method. The transmittance of the functional thermal barrier film at 950 nm is 9.2%, the transmittance of visible light at 550nm is 71%, fog is 0.5%, and the film has excellent infrared absorption characteristics, and it is an excellent transparent thermal insulation material.

Unfortunately, scholars do not seem to solve the cost problem of cesium tungsten bronze by using solvent method. Moreover, the organic solvents in solvent thermal process are volatile and the production process will cause environmental pollution. However, it is certain that the quality of cesium tungsten bronze prepared by solvothermal method is better than hydrothermal method. The results show that the nano cesium tungsten bronze film prepared by solvothermal method not only has good heat insulation effect, but also has a long service life, and the service life is more than 20 years.

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