Adipic Acid Catalyzed Preparation by Tungstic Acid

Adipic acid is mainly used for nylon 66 engineering plastics and raw materials, and in the production of various ester products.

Adipic acid is also used for polyurethane elastomer material, acidifier various foods and beverages, sometimes its better than citric acid and tartaric acid. Adipic acid has many functions and a huge demand, but it is a big polluter. The industrial process mainly uses nitric acid to oxidize cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone (KA oil). The method has high yield, but nitric acid seriously damages the equipment and produces a large amount of nitrogen oxides which pollute the environment seriously. With the improvement of human environmental protection consciousness, people urgently need to find environmental protection and pollution-free solutions to solve the problem of adipic acid production.

adipic acid producing equipment image

In recent years, Cao Fabin, a scholar, has proposed that adipic acid is used as catalyst to synthesize adipic acid, according to previous experience, he uses tungstic acid and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to make an acidic additive of tungstic acid, in the absence of organic solvent and phase transfer agent, catalyzed 30% hydrogen peroxide oxidation of cyclohexanol to synthetic adipic acid. In the research process, Cao Fabin also found that the addition of suitable active agents could help catalyze the catalytic effect of tungstic acid. After comparing the inorganic substances such as phosphoric acid, phosphorous acid, oxalic acid, resorcinol, sulfonic acid and salicylic acid, he thought that it was most suitable for adding sulfonic acid to an acidic additive of tungstic acid.

The final result shows that when the amount of tungstic acid is 2.5mmol, tungstic acid: acid additive: cyclohexanol: when hydrogen peroxide is 1:1:40:176 (molar ratio), in acid additive, the effect of cyclohexanol oxidation with sulfonic acid and salicylic acid is the best, the yield of reactive adipic acid was 87.8% and the purity was 99.9%. It is worth mentioning that, after the synthesis of adipic acid, acid sulfonic acid and salicylic acid can be put into production again and reused fifth times. The yield of adipic acid separation is still up to 81.5%.

China is a major producer of tungsten, it is feasible to produce an acidic additive of tungstic acid to realize the scale production of adipic acid, using tungstic acid catalyst cyclohexanol method not only has high efficiency, but also to achieve cost control, more importantly is environment friendly. Environmental protection is increasingly valued, enterprises can reduce investment in environmental protection because of the new process, and achieve benefits.

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