Wolframite and Scheelite Mixed Tungsten Ore Flotation (2)

Wolframite and scheelite mixed tungsten ore flotation is a worldwide difficult problem, because of the black and white tungsten composition structure is very different, conventional flotation method at room temperature and heating method is not ideal. Would there have a more effective way to realize whether black and white tungsten mixed flotation?

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Chairman MAO once said: “There is a way, it just hasn’t been found.” He also said: “Paths are made by men.” And actually it does. After many years of industry practice, our country's scholars found that the focus on black and white tungsten study is mixed flotation collector, the flotation is strong while the collector is strong, scholars use the collector as the breakthrough point, make many light avenues.

In 70s and 90s, Chinese scholars use 731 + 733 combination of black and white mixed tungsten ore flotation collector, 731 and 733 to mix ratio of 10:1, the collector has the advantage of source is easy to obtain, the disadvantage is that not good flotation wolframite, scheelite flotation recovery of 0.010 below also is not high, metal erosion is more serious, and the production of rough concentrate grade is low.

In the 90s, mining and metallurgy research institute of Beijing through a lot of experimental research, found a natural pH pulp black tungsten method under the condition of flotation, this term is known as the CF method. Reagent regime of the method is: use a small amount of sodium silicate do adjusting agent, lead nitrate as activator, with CF (the nitrobenzene hydroxylamine ammonium salt) as collector, a tiny amount of emulsified oil and oleic acid as foaming agent, flotation pulp pH value of 7-9 black and white tungsten mixed pulp.

To CF with lime and caustic soda method of small test comparison, the results showed that the index of CF method obviously is excellent, concentrate grade slightly higher, the recovery is 10% higher than the other two methods.

In recent years, Guangzhou non-ferrous metal research institute in the same points under the guidance of the principle of heterogeneous select the high efficient tungsten sequestration collector benzene armour hydroxyl oxime acid, it is an effective collector of fine wolframite. Use the benzene armour hydroxyl oxime acid and fatty acid such as collector, oxidized paraffin soap oxidized ore collector combination, in both strong selectivity of benzene armour hydroxyl oxime acid at the same time, also improve the collecting ability of the agent, this kind of combination is called the GY series reagents. The arrival of GY combination reagent, makes the fine grained recycling effectively, and from now on, black and white mixed tungsten ore flotation no longer have to struggle, it really reduced the cost, to achieve the efficiency of mining. Fujian one tungsten mines with GY series reagents recycle mixed black and white tungsten ore, eventually made the mines getting out of the woods, made up the deficits and get surpluses, became the pillar of the economy.

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