Combination Collector Mechanism--Chelating Effect

In the flotation system, two or more collectors are used in combination, and by combining the collector and producing synergistic effects, such tungsten ore flotation collector is known as combination collector in practice. It has been proved that many combination collector has better and more effective flotation results than the use of a single collector, and there are divergent views on the causes.

For the study of the mechanism of the combination collector, there are scholars think that the combination collector also has a significant chelating effect, it refers to the combination collector and mineral surface of the metal between the combination collector metal's special affinity caused by the real chemical reaction. The result of this reaction is the formation of insoluble, stable metal chelate. 

The scholars of South China University used the quantum chemistry ab initio algorithm to calculate the molecular model of benzohydroxamic acid and benzyloxamic acid. The benzohydroxamic acid-based mixed collector BH was used to study the tungsten ore in Shizhuyuan polymetallic ore Test and in the wolframite and scheelite tungsten mixed ore flotation research made a breakthrough. The experimental results show that the BH combination collector has a good catching effect on scheelite and wolframite. The main reason is the chelating effect of BH combination because the benzohydroxamic acid molecule is a planar molecule and benzene Methionine is a nonplanar molecule, both of which can coexist and that the methacryloxamic acid is more stable than benzohydroxamic acid. When the benzohydroxamic acid and benzyloxamic acid and mineral surface of the metal ions chelate, and metal ions easily formed O, O five ring chelate, rather than O, N quaternary ring chelate. Compared with acetohydroxamic acid (hydroxamic acid), benzohydroxamic acid (benzyloxamic acid) and mineral electrostatic effect becomes smaller, the ability to match the key to reduce the ability to accept the formation of electronic feedback bond, Hydroxamic acid (benzyloxamic acid) selectivity increased.

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