Blue Tungsten Oxide To Γ-Tungsten Oxide‘s Reduction Reaction Process

Learn blue tungsten oxide (blue tungsten) phase component is good for producing good performance tungsten powder preparation, according to investigate the phase composition, selecting the raw materials and control of the production process can be more clear which can be producing good performance tungsten powder. Blue tungsten oxide during the restore reaction the main phase component of it is mainly β- tungsten oxide (WO2.9), γ- tungsten oxide (WO2.72), tungsten dioxide (WO2) and tungsten powder.

First discussing the reduction process there are from blue tungsten oxide to γ- tungsten oxide. According to research data shows that the main phase components of β- tungsten oxide are rough and surface has cracks. As the development of reaction the oxygen atoms decrease and vacancy increase, the β-tungsten oxide restore to γ- tungsten oxide. And γ-tungsten oxide surface roughness is further increased, further increases cracks, particle morphology is needle-like and short rod, its irregular, but these structures favor the reduction reaction. γ- tungsten oxide particle morphology depends on reduction temperature, heating rate, material thickness and other factors.



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