Tungsten Oxide Applications

Tungsten oxide is a kind of tungsten acid anhydride, tungsten acid salts products, including tungsten trioxide and tungsten oxide, and in practical industrial production there is no tungsten oxide product, tungsten oxide is widely used in modern industrial production and processing. Tungsten oxide applications are listed as below:

1.Tungsten oxide is used for many purposes in everyday life. It is often used for industrial X-ray phosphor screen and fireproof fabric manufacturing tungstic acid salt, also used as ceramic and paint in the paint.

2.Tungsten oxide was also used to produce electrochromic window and smart window. The window is automatically switch glass, pervious to light performance and the change of the applied voltage, allows the user to tone their window, through the change of quantity of heat and light.

3.Tungsten oxide is used in the production of chemical products, such as paint and coatings, and catalyst in the oil industry. But oxide is a kind of intermediate products, a large number of tungsten oxide is used for metal tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder, and then used in the manufacture of metal tungsten products in the production, application and production of tungsten alloy products, and a large number of the tungsten copper, nickel, tungsten, tungsten nickel iron, silver, tungsten rhenium tungsten and tungsten thorium, etc., while the most widely used in the industrial field is tungsten base material in the production of various grades and by way of cemented carbide products.

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